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Moles On 7 Places Of Your Body Reveal Your Personality

Most skin moles develop by 30, and according to Chinese astrology, they can have many meanings depending on their location.

For example, a mole on the nose means you are hard-working, while a mole on the cheek represents honesty.

THOUSIF Inc. team is putting a magnifying glass on seven different mole locations to explain their meaning.

1. Mole on the forehead

Forehead moles are considered a sign of prosperity.

skin moles

2. Mole on the cheek

If you have a mole, it means you are honest, sensitive, and sometimes shy.

skin moles (2)

3. Mole near the lips

This particular mole is a sign of charm and elegance.

skin moles (3)

4. Mole on the nose

Nose moles represent self-respect and indicate that you are a very hard-working individual.

skin moles (4)

5. Mole on the feet

Feet moles signify you enjoy traveling.

skin moles (5)

6. Mole on the shoulder

They are excellent problem-solvers, and responsible people who can handle anything life throws them.

skin moles (6)

7. Mole on the chin

These moles indicate that you are determined and caring.

skin moles (7)

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