Justin Stroud Helped June Shannon AKA Mama June, Wash Her Hair

Justin Stroud Helped June Shannon AKA Mama June, Wash Her Hair

June Shannon, better known as Mama June, is holidaying with Justin Stroud in Tuskegee, Alabama.

June Shannon and Justin saw by the paparazzi on the streets of Tuskegee crazily holiday and shopping these days.

As we all know, this couple is special, and we wish them all the best and love them.

Mama June is not tired of appreciating the love of her life Justin Stroud on every social platform, and the same with hubby Justin.

Mama June, in her latest Instagram, posted a video with a long message where she is seen appreciating Justin.

She says most of her followers know she does not like washing her hair.

It was some event where she wanted to wash her hair, but she needed more time and preferred to avoid washing it.

June Shannon continued that her beloved hubby came to her and said: “Oh baby, I will do it for you, and I like to do it.”

Adding it that Mama June says: “Justin did exactly like how I wanted it to be.”

Before this had been posted on Instagram, they hung around Walmart, where he had revealed that he had purchased a hair dryer from Walmart.

Justin spent two and half hours preparing Mama June, and it was bonding time for both, she tells in her Instagram caption.

The time spent together was a good memory that cannot be wiped out easily.

Seams Justin Stroud and June Shannon are truly made for each other, and we can witness their love in this journey.

The whole day Mama June has been telling everyone that the hairstyle was done; my dear hubby and I love it.

Justin was also eager to appreciate the beauty of Mama June.

She used hashtags in the caption #couplegoals #hair #husband #spoiled.

We wish the beautiful couple good luck and looking forward to more photos.

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