JetSynthesys Hosts India's Largest Esports Tournament

JetSynthesys Hosts India’s Largest Esports Tournament

JetSynthesys to host India’s largest esports event, GEPL, with a Rs 2.51 crore prize. Experience premier e-cricket action and top-tier gaming.

A Major Step in Digital Gaming: JetSynthesys Takes the Lead

JetSynthesys, a renowned digital entertainment and video gaming company, is making headlines by hosting India’s largest esports tournament. 

With a staggering prize pool of Rs 2.51 crore, this event is set to be a landmark in the Indian esports scene.

The Global e-Cricket Premier League: A First for India

This highly anticipated tournament, the Global e-Cricket Premier League (GEPL), stands out as the first made-in-India esports league of its kind. 

The GEPL is expected to rival international esports giants like Krafton Inc’s Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) series. 

Unlike globally popular games like BGMIPokemon UniteCounter-Strike, and Valorant, developed abroad, GEPL showcases ‘Real Cricket’ – a product proudly developed and published by Pune-based JetSynthesys.

A Complete Indian Esports Ecosystem

Rajan Navani, the CEO of JetSynthesys, expressed his enthusiasm about this initiative. 

“With GEPL, we have closed the loop for an India-based esports ecosystem,” he said. 

Over the past two and a half years, millions of dollars have been invested in this project, solidifying JetSynthesys’ role as a game-changer in the Indian digital entertainment industry.

The Grand Finale: A Blend of Sports and Entertainment

The tournament’s finale promises to be a spectacular event at Pune’s Balewadi Stadium on December 8. 

It will feature the concluding matches and performances by well-known domestic and international artists. 

Though there is speculation about appearances by rappers like Badshah and King, official confirmations are pending.

Widespread Broadcasting and Support

This esports extravaganza will be streamed on platforms like JioCinema and Sports18, with an anticipated viewership of 50 million.

Commentators Chetan Narula and Roshan Shetty will bring live updates throughout the week-long event. 

Moreover, the tournament has attracted sponsorship from brands such as LenskartPulsar NS 125Fleetguard FiltrumGigabyteFlipkartDhruv Global School, and Finolex Pipes.

From Registrations to the Grand Stage

Since June, the tournament has witnessed about 200,000 registrations worldwide. 

After a rigorous pre-qualifier stage, eight teams and the top 48 players have been shortlisted for further coaching by JetSynthesys, leading up to the showdown. 

This includes a player draft, reminiscent of the auctioning process in India’s Twenty20 cricket league (IPL).

Empowering the Esports Community

GEPL is more than just a tournament; it is a platform that opens up new employment opportunities across various aspects of the esports ecosystem.

This includes operations, players, broadcast, and talent management. “GEPL is paying the top players salaries,” Navani added, highlighting the professional nature of the league.

As JetSynthesys gears up for this monumental event, the eyes of the esports world turn towards India, eager to witness the birth of a new era in digital sports entertainment.


What is the Global e-Cricket Premier League (GEPL)?

The GEPL is a pioneering esports tournament organized by JetSynthesys, marked as the first major made-in-India esports event focusing on the digital cricket gaming format.

When and where will the GEPL finale take place?

The grand finale of the GEPL is scheduled to occur on December 8 at Pune’s Balewadi Stadium, featuring a mix of competitive gaming and musical performances.

What is the prize pool for the GEPL tournament?

The tournament boasts a significant prize pool of Rs 2.51 crore, making it one of the largest in the Indian esports domain.

How does GEPL differ from other esports tournaments?

Unlike other popular esports games developed internationally, GEPL features ‘Real Cricket,’ a game developed and published by JetSynthesys in India, highlighting the indigenous development of esports.

Who will be performing at the GEPL finale?

The finale is expected to showcase performances by various domestic and international artists. The names of specific artists have yet to be officially confirmed.

Where can I watch the GEPL tournament?

The tournament will be streamed on platforms like JioCinema and Sports18, offering widespread access to nationwide and beyond viewers.

How many teams and players are participating in GEPL?

After the initial selection process, eight teams and the top 48 players were shortlisted for the tournament’s final stages.

Are there any major sponsors for the GEPL?

Yes, the tournament has attracted sponsorship from prominent brands, including Lenskart, Pulsar NS 125, and Flipkart.

What are the employment opportunities in GEPL?

The GEPL opens various employment avenues in the esports ecosystem, including operations, broadcasting, and talent management roles.

Will there be an auction system similar to IPL for GEPL?

Following the coaching of teams and players, there will be an auctioning process next year, akin to the player auction in the Indian Premier League (IPL) for cricket.

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