How to avoid toxic relationships

10 Ways: How To Avoid Toxic Relationships

As per the recent study, Toxic Relationships are excellent relationships at the early stage of the relationship. However, toxic relationships are not less than slow poison.

Healthy relationships allow to express individuality and bring out the best in both and encourage growth. Especially if the relationship is new, it is best to set a positive and healthy relationship from the start.


  1. Speak up
  2. Listen closely
  3. Create healthy borders
  4. Communicate
  5. Express emotions
  6. Appreciate
  7. Trust
  8. Laugh
  9. Never go to bed angry.
  10. Sex

The easiest way to be free of a toxic relationship is to learn how to avoid them in the first place. However, we got ten simple tricks to avoid toxic relationships and keep a healthy relationship.

1. Speak Up

Do not expect the partner to be able to read the mind or “figure it out.” If any of either partner is required, then one has to communicate and get the things done.

2. Listen Closely

The central part of a healthy relationship is knowing when to talk and when to listen.

Develop the listening skills by not interrupting and letting the partner finish their thoughts and feelings. Instead, truly listen, and do not try to respond while the partner is talking. Instead, use listening skills by following the content and emotions of what the partner is saying.

3. Create Healthy Borders

Borders do not make the partner feel trapped; Borders maintain respect and understand expectations in the relationship.

If something makes the partner feel uncomfortable, bring it up and discuss how things need to change and how each of them either partner will make changes. However, If one person wants to spend lots of time together and the other does not, it is important to define how much time is appropriate together and apart.

4. Communicate

Without proper communication, a relationship can quickly bring out the worst in people. When the partner has a want or a need, express it too evident.

5. Express Emotions

Share thoughts and feelings with the partner and stay open to the feelings that arise.

Show interest in the partner’s feelings and support during stressful situations. In addition, Connecting emotionally with the partner allows the couple to understand their experience.

6. Appreciate


A healthy and happier relationship should be one in which the partner feel appreciated.

Often, relationships built from many small things added one on top of the other. Find the things the partner does and say “thank you.” Instead of focusing on mistakes, the partner focuses on the ways the partner adds to life.

When the partner notices something special, speak out and show either appreciation.

7. Trust

Trust is more important than love. However, Trust partners and also be transparent.

8. Laugh

Laughter relaxes the whole body tissues, boosts the immune system and releases endorphins. Moreover, smiling and laughing will make the couple feel better, even if forced. So, even if the couple is having a hard day, try smiling and laughing for no reason at all.

The physical act of laughing will make the couple happier and healthier.

9. Never go to Bed Angry

There is an old and famous saying, “never go to bed angry”. However, is half-past midnight the time to discuss a problem? If the partner disagrees in the evening, do not discuss things if the partner or both are tired. Set a time to talk the next day, say goodnight, and sleep on it. Things will be much more evident in the morning.

10. Sex

A couple having sex every day removes the anxiety that some couples feel. Besides, having sex every day reduced this tension and brought the couple closer together. Moreover, sex itself can lower blood pressure, improve sleep, reduce stress and even prevent prostate cancer.

Couples who have sex everyday claim that it not only strengthens their relationship but improves their health

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