How Blake Lively Achieves Her Fit and Toned Physique

How Blake Lively Achieves Her Fit and Toned Physique

Blake Lively, known for her roles in popular movies and TV shows, has always been admired for her fit and toned physique. 

This blog post will take a closer look at her fitness routine, diet, and the personal trainer who helped her get back in shape after giving birth to her children.

Blake Lively’s Fitness Routine

Blake Lively practices Pilates, cardio, and strength training for her toned and strong body.

She also incorporates other forms of exercise into her routine, such as yoga, hiking, and surfing. 

In addition to working out, Lively also focuses on balancing her diet and getting enough sleep for her overall well-being.

Meet Blake Lively’s Personal Trainer, Don Saladino

Blake Lively met her trainer, Don Saladino, in a gym. 

Saladino is a popular personal trainer who has worked with many celebrities and high-profile clients. 

He is known for his holistic approach to fitness, which includes working out and paying attention to the client’s nutrition, sleep, and stress management. 

This holistic approach may have attracted Blake Lively to work with him.

Blake Lively’s Relationship with Ryan Reynolds

Blake Lively is currently married to Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds. 

The couple started dating soon after they met while working on the 2011 movie “Green Lantern.”

They got engaged in June 2010 and were married in a private ceremony in September of that year. 

They have three children together. 

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are known for being very private about their personal lives and rarely sharing details about their relationship in the media.


Strength training, cardio, Pilates, and other forms of exercise are all included in Blake Lively’s fitness routine. 

In addition, her attention is focused on maintaining a healthy diet and getting enough sleep. 

Don Saladino, her trainer, was crucial in assisting her in getting back in shape after giving birth to her children. 

One of Hollywood’s best-built and most stable marriages is that of Lively and her husband, Ryan Reynolds.

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