Holly's Travel Tips Booking Direct and Using Credit Cards By Holly Johnson

Holly’s Travel Tips: Booking Direct and Using Credit Cards By Holly Johnson

Join Holly as she shares her top travel tips honed from visiting 50 countries — discover why booking directly and using a rewards credit card is a game-changer for hassle-free adventures!

Hey, fellow travelers!

I am Holly Johnson, a travel enthusiast who has been lucky enough to visit 50 different countries over the last 15 years. 

Throughout my journeys, I have picked up some golden nuggets of wisdom that I am eager to share with you. 

One thing is certain: My rewards credit cards have been my best travel buddy, always coming to the rescue and making my trips smoother and more enjoyable.

Why Say No to Third-Party Agents?

I am about booking directly with airlines rather than through online travel agents like Expedia or Priceline. 

I learned it hard, so you do not have to!

Booking directly with airlines means if there is a hiccup, I can grab my phone, call the airline, and sort it out in a jiffy. 

On the other hand, third-party agents? 

Prepare for long hold times and less-than-helpful customer service. 

Trust me, talking to your airline directly is a game-changer!

Safety First with Travel Insurance

Do you know what else has saved me countless times? 

Having annual travel insurance. 

From flight cancellations to lost luggage and medical emergencies, having insurance means I have got a safety net that has got my back. 

Plus, it gives me the peace of mind to enjoy my travels, knowing I am covered just in case.

The Magic of Rewards Credit Cards

Let us talk about my little magic wand my rewards credit cards. They are like the gift that keeps on giving. 

Here is why they rock:

Quick Fixes for Flight Changes

Imagine needing to change your flight details. With a direct booking, it is just a call away. 

No fuss, no stress!

Problem? What Problem?

Any hiccup in your itinerary can be resolved faster when you book directly. Say goodbye to long waits and hello to quick solutions.

Earn While You Travel

Every time I use my cards, I earn points that I can use for future adventures. It is like getting a little thank-you gift each time I travel.

Disputes? Easy-Peasy!

If there is an issue with overcharging or refunds, my credit cards have covered me with easy dispute processes.

Stay Safe from Fraud

My credit cards ensure I am not liable for fraud, keeping my money safe and secure. It’s like having a safety shield for my hard-earned money!

To Wrap It Up

So, there you have it, my dear travel bugs. 

From a fellow wanderer to another, booking directly with airlines and using a rewards credit card has been my golden rule for stress-free, happy travels. 

It has transformed my travel experiences, bringing in ease, rewards, and oh-so-much peace of mind.

Remember, every journey is a chance to learn and grow. 

Here is to smarter, safer, and more rewarding travels. 

Until next time, happy traveling!

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