Goodyear Launches New ElectricDrive 2 A Game Changer for EV Tires

Goodyear Launches New ElectricDrive 2: A Game Changer for EV Tires?

Explore Goodyear’s new ElectricDrive 2 tires, designed for a quieter ride and better wet road performance. Perfect for electric vehicle owners seeking efficiency and comfort.

Goodyear has recently introduced the ElectricDrive 2, its second-generation all-season tire specifically designed for electric vehicles (EVs).

This launch raises a significant question for EV owners: are EV-specific tires a worthwhile investment?

Features of Goodyear’s New EV Tires

The Akron, Ohio-based tire manufacturer conducted a survey among EV drivers, revealing that the most desired features in EV tires are a quiet ride and excellent performance on wet roads.

In response, Goodyear has engineered the ElectricDrive 2 to meet these needs effectively.

Key Innovations

  1. SoundComfort Technology: Foam inserts in the tires help diminish cabin noise, providing a quieter driving experience.
  2. Asymmetric Tread Pattern: Optimized for enhanced grip and responsiveness on wet surfaces.
  3. Durable Tread Compounds: These compounds extend the tire’s life, which is crucial considering the increased wear due to the heavier weight of EVs.

ElectricDrive 2 vs. ElectricDrive GT

FeatureElectricDrive 2ElectricDrive GT
Rolling ResistanceImprovedStandard
Sustainability50% sustainable materialsLess
Noise ReductionSoundComfort TechnologyStandard
Wet Road PerformanceEnhancedStandard

Sustainability Efforts

The ElectricDrive 2 is not only about performance but also about environmental responsibility. It includes at least 50% sustainable materials:

  • Soybean oil in the tire’s construction
  • Rice husk ash silica
  • Sustainably sourced natural rubber

Earlier in January 2023 at CES, Goodyear showcased a tire made of 90% sustainable materials, demonstrating its commitment to sustainability.


The ElectricDrive 2 will be available in the US in May, but it is already listed as in stock on Goodyear’s website.

It is compatible with popular EV models such as the Tesla Models 3, Y, and S, Ford Mustang Mach-E, Chevy Bolt, and Audi Q4 e-tron, coming in 17 different sizes.

Is Investing in EV Tires Worth It?

EV-specific tires generally come with a higher price tag compared to standard tires. The justification for this investment largely depends on the individual’s preferences and priorities:

  • Maximizing Range: Special EV tires like the ElectricDrive 2 offer low rolling resistance, which can significantly increase a car’s range.
  • Noise Reduction: For those prioritizing a quiet ride, the advanced noise-reduction technologies in these tires make them appealing.

However, if these benefits are not priorities, standard tires might suffice. It’s important to note that regardless of the type, EV tires require more frequent replacement due to the heavier weight of these vehicles.

We want to hear from you! Do you have EV tires on your car? 

Share in the comments why you chose them and whether you think they were worth the investment. 

This feedback will help other readers make informed decisions about their tire purchases.

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