Earning Bitcoin Through Minecraft: A Guide to Satlantis Server

Earning Bitcoin Through Minecraft: A Guide to Satlantis Server

Explore the unique opportunity to earn Bitcoin while playing Minecraft on the Satlantis server. This comprehensive guide teaches how to mine, trade, and cash out.

Introduction to Satlantis: Bitcoin Earning in the Virtual World

Minecraft, one of the most popular games globally, has introduced a new way to earn cryptocurrency through a Satlantis server. 

This server offers players a unique opportunity to earn real Bitcoin while engaging in the game. 

However, it is important to note that this feature will be discontinued on September 25, following a directive from Minecraft’s creator, Mojang, due to violating the game’s usage guidelines.

How Satlantis Works: Mining Virtual to Earn Real

In Satlantis, players can join a virtual mining pool, where they receive real satoshis (the smallest Bitcoin unit) every 10 minutes. 

Players can earn a significant amount with each Bitcoin containing 100 million satoshis. 

The server, powered by Zebedee, reportedly distributes over 1 million satoshis (about $300) weekly.

Earning Process: Mining, Clans, and Marketplaces

To earn Bitcoin, players must acquire a virtual ASIC miner, increase their hash rate, and enter a raffle every 10 minutes to win Bitcoin. 

Joining a clan can enhance these chances, as it combines hash rates and splits earnings. 

Additionally, players can trade items in the marketplace to earn Bitcoin. 

However, be mindful of the pricing, as what may seem like a large amount in dollars might be a modest sum in satoshis.

Acquiring ASIC Miners: Battle Pass and Marketplace Strategies

ASIC miners, essential for earning Bitcoin in the game, can be obtained through the battle pass or the marketplace. 

The battle pass, accessible in-game, offers both free and paid tiers. 

Players can purchase ASIC miners from the marketplace using Bitcoin transferred via the Lightning Network.

Fueling the ASICs: A Key Step

ASIC miners must be fueled with emeralds to produce a hash rate and earn rewards. 

These can be collected in-game by trading ores and sugar cane. 

Satlantis also offers a rich mining system where players can gather resources like diamonds, which can be exchanged for emeralds.

Gaming to Earning: A Four-Day Journey

Over four days, our experience on Satlantis involved maintaining ASIC miners for about 41 hours, leading to a win in the Bitcoin raffle. 

This highlights the potential to earn Bitcoin, albeit with time and effort.

Withdrawing Your Bitcoin: The Final Step

When ready to cash out, players can easily withdraw their Bitcoin earnings from Satlantis using the Lightning Network. This process may take up to 48 hours.

Conclusion: A Novel Intersection of Gaming and Cryptocurrency

The Satlantis server presents a fascinating blend of gaming and cryptocurrency, offering an interactive way to earn Bitcoin. 

Although it requires a learning curve and some dedication, the supportive community and comprehensive guide make it an accessible venture for Minecraft enthusiasts and crypto-curious gamers.

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