Criticism of Heavy Product Placement in Emily in Paris Season 3

Criticism of Heavy Product Placement in Emily in Paris Season 3

The third season of Emily In Paris, a popular Netflix series, has received criticism from fans for its heavy product placement. 

In the first episode of the third season of Emily In Paris, the main character, Emily Cooper, tries to convince her boss, Sylvie, to hire McDonald’s as a client. 

However, Sylvie does not like fast-food restaurants and is not impressed with the pitch.

The episode then focuses on Emily and her colleagues, Julien and Luc, trying to convince Sylvie and the audience that McDonald’s is a cool brand. 

In addition to McDonald’s, other brands such as a dog food brandSamsung Galaxy flip phones, and the McLaren Artura Car are featured in various episodes. 

Some fans of Emily In Paris have criticized the heavy product placement featured in the show. 

Lily Collins
Lily Collins

Some have taken to social media to express their frustration, with one viewer stating on Twitter: “Emily in Paris season 3 is just one awkward product placement after the other”.

Another saying: “The product placement in Emily in Paris is cringed.” 

Some have found the product placement to be overly obvious and cringe-worthy.

However, some of Emily In Paris’s fans said on Twitter that: product placement is common in TV shows and that Netflix includes a disclaimer at the beginning of episodes or films that include it. 

Lily Collins
Lily Collins

Some people have suggested that the heavy product placement in the third season of Emily In Paris is meant to be a satirical reference to the world of marketing and advertising, as the main character works in those industries. 

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