Biden Administration to Boost Tariffs on Chinese Clean Energy Goods

Biden Administration to Boost Tariffs on Chinese Clean Energy Goods

Biden Administration to increase tariffs on Chinese clean-energy goods, protecting US electric vehicle market and addressing trade imbalances.

The Biden Administration is set to announce a significant increase in tariffs on clean-energy goods from China, a move aimed at protecting the US electric vehicle (EV) market and other clean energy sectors. 

This decision reflects the administration’s determination to shield domestic manufacturers from the competitive pressure of more affordable Chinese products.

Key Changes in Tariffs

According to sources familiar with the matter, the following changes in tariffs are expected:

GoodsCurrent TariffNew Tariff
Chinese Electric Vehicles25%100%
All Imported Automobiles0%2.5%

The tariff hike directly responds to China’s leading position in numerous emerging technologies, particularly electric batteries, which pose a risk of Chinese dominance in the global market. 

Last year, an independent think tank report highlighted that China surpassed the US in research on 37 out of 44 emerging technologies, emphasizing the high risk of monopolization.

Balancing Competing Goals

The Biden Administration faces a delicate balancing act. 

On the one hand, it aims to promote the growth of the US clean energy sector, especially for domestic EV manufacturers who find it challenging to compete with the lower prices of Chinese vehicles. 

On the other hand, this protectionist approach might conflict with the administration’s overarching goal of reducing emissions and fostering a global market for clean energy solutions.

Timing of the Announcement

Sources suggest that the announcement will be made on Tuesday, although officials caution that the timing could change. 

The urgency of this move is underscored by China’s preparations to flood the US market with excess clean-energy goods due to limited domestic demand.

Implications for the US Market

This tariff increase is a significant step towards ensuring the US maintains a competitive edge in the clean energy market

By imposing higher tariffs, the administration hopes to:

  • Protect Domestic Manufacturers: Shield US EV manufacturers from the competitive pricing of Chinese products.
  • Encourage Domestic Innovation: Stimulate research and development within the US to reduce reliance on Chinese technology.
  • Balance Trade Relations: Address the trade imbalance and reduce the risk of Chinese monopolization in emerging technologies.


The proposed tariff increase represents a strategic move by the Biden Administration to safeguard the burgeoning US clean energy sector. 

While this decision aims to protect domestic interests, it also highlights the complex interplay between promoting national industries and advancing global environmental goals. 

As the situation develops, industry stakeholders and environmental advocates will closely watch the administration’s approach.

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