Happiness Hormone

20 Photos Instantly Boost Your Level Of Happiness Hormone

Happiness Hormone – We love to be an inexhaustible source of good mood for our readers.

We would love for you to take a look at 20 photos that will fill your day with genuinely bright and smiley moments.

Happiness Hormone

1. “This is Ian. He popped out to say hello on 6/23/15 at 6:10 a.m. and weighed 6 lb, 6 oz. He is just a little guy.”

2. “Balancing my chubby-cheeked niece.”

3. “This little guy with his pet armadillo.”

4. “My Father’s Day gifts.”

5. “My husband sent me this photo of our 7-week-old daughter being a doofus. I have been laughing about it all day.”

6. “Traveled to France to see my ex-girlfriend and see how things go. It went well!”

7. “At 35, I have just got my first puppy, Matilda, and it is made me so happy.”

7. “I was going through a rough time, and my 6-year-old nephew gave me this.”

8. “My single dad also had to be a mama for me, and he coped perfectly!”

9. “Did not know my granddad for long, but when I did, he made me happy.”

10. “My blind cat walks on a harness and leads like a dog, then climbs people to give them a hug.”

11. “My nephew, Milo, hugging his sister for the first time.”

12. The day she adopted her, she could not stop showing her love.

13. “My son cannot grow a beard, so I crocheted one.”

15. “Went to the zoo today, and this little guy came up to me and held my finger.”

16. “We got a new kitten last week. Came home to this.”

17. “So I am doing my adopted sister’s hair, and today we got crafty.”

18. “I caught my turtle happy chirping and just think he is too adorable!”

19. “My nephew and his big brother.”

20. “My son is only two weeks old but has already mastered Blue Steel.”

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