10 Short Prom Instagram Captions


1. Tonight is about making memories.

2. Making happy memories dancing with you.

3. The night begins with a dance.

4. There is only you on this dance floor.

5. The perfect night begins now.

6. A radiant night shining with joy.

7. Get crazy-making memories.

8. Midnight memories are the best kind.

9. The dance floor is calling your name.

10. Kick-off your heels and dance for yourself.

11. Picture perfect two hours later.

12. Prom is a night of memories captured in your heart and camera.

13. Dance until your legs give out, then dance some more.

14. Dancing is happiness captured in this snap.

15. A night making beautiful memories with people I never want to forget.

16. Prom is all about living for the moment and capturing it with photos.

17. Capturing every moment of bliss.

18. Good friends, good music, and lots of memories made.

19. An epic ending before a new chapter begins.

20. It did not happen if you did not get a photo. So, I got them all.

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