Kevin Durant Calls Out Stephen A. Smith


The NBA Finals are between the Golden State Warriors and Boston Celtics, but NBA Twitter drama is still going strong.

On Tuesday, Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant called out ESPN's Stephen A. Smith in a tweet.

Kevin Durant's tweet: "Steve cannot beat up on Max Kellerman, the boxing guy, and the new baseball guy "mad dog" or whatever his name is? I am locked in now."

In the first round of the playoffs to the Boston Celtics, the Nets lost in a four-game sweep.

The Celtics are in the NBA Finals, facing off with Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors.

That series is tied up at 1-1, and Game 3 will be played in Boston on Wednesday evening.

Durant spent three seasons on the Warriors prior to signing with the Nets in the summer of 2019.

During his tenure with Golden State, He won the only two NBA Championships of his career. 

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