12 Toxic Soap Opera Siblings


12. Y&R’s Billy and Jack Abbott - Billy and Jack have had an exciting relationship.

11. GH’s Olivia and Julian Jerome - Nothing says unhealthy sibling relationships like shooting your brother in cold blood.

10. Days’ Sami and Carrie Brady - Sami has walked a fine line between heroine and troublemaker over the years in Salem because she is a complicated character.

9. Y&R’s Rey and Arturo Rosales - Rey and Arturo were standup guys with a complicated sibling relationship.

8. GH’s Lucky and Nikolas Cassadine - While they shared the same mother, Lucky and Nikolas’s brotherly bond did not start on a good note.

7. Days’ Jack Deveraux and Steve Johnson - Jack and Steve are now best friends, but it took a very long road for the two to get there.

6. Y&R’s Devon and Lily Winters - When Devon had an odd crush on Lily during their early years, back when she was getting to know Cane?

5. Y&R’s Neil and Malcolm Winters - Speaking of the Winters clan, it is not uncommon for brothers to date the same women in the land of soap operas.

4. GH’s Alan and Tracy Quartermaine - The sibling rivalry was so real between these two that Alan ended up haunting Tracy Quartermaine after he passed away.

3. Y&R’s Victoria and Adam Newman - A significant reason these two do not get along is Adam’s past antics.

2. Days’ Abigail DiMera and Gwen Rizczech - These two sisters did not start on the best foot, and things have spiralled downward since then.

1. GH’s Anna and Alex Devane - Twin #1 is a bright, kind and good-hearted super-spy looking to rid the world of bad guys and gals.

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