Soap Vet Shares Harrowing Details Of Her Daughter's Birth


The way Jen Lilley's newborn came into the world was as dramatic as anything on daytime TV.

In the wee hours of May 12, Jen Lilley ushered into the world her and their husband Jason Wayne's fourth child, daughter Jacqueline "Jackie" Grace.

However, this was no run-of-the mill-delivery.

"I had no idea if I was really in labor," the veteran of Days of Our Lives (as Theresa) and General Hospital (as Maxie) tells People.

"I had Jackie seven minutes after pulling up to the ER. If I hadn't left when I did, I would have had her in the car, and I'm not sure she would have survived."

When the actress arrived at the hospital around 1 am, it was all systems go, go, go.

"The midwife told the nurses, 'Get her pants off!'" Lilley recalls.

"And I thought, 'Why is everyone thinking this baby is coming right now?'

"The midwife said, 'She has quite a bit of hair,' and Jason and I were stunned. I was not sure if she was joking!"

"But then I thought, 'That would be a strange thing to joke about,' and realized I was having the baby."

Lilley and Wayne's mom-and-pop operation includes Kayden, 5, and Jeffrey, 3, whom they adopted from foster care in 2019 and 2020, respectively, and Julie, 2.

"I am so happy," says Mom, although she admits that Wayne is "going to have to get a bus now."

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