Rebecca Romijn Misses Ex-Husband John Stamos


Rebecca Romijn admitted to her current husband, Jerry O'Connell, that she still has fond memories of her ex, John Stamos.

"Going through a divorce is terrible; it is awful," Romijn explained to O'Connell on "The Talk" Thursday.

"I was with him for ten years. So divorce feels like a failure,  and there were many things that I had to let go of that were very sad."

O'Connell, 48, responded that when Romijn, 49, talks about Stamos, 58, it sounded like their relationship was "fun."

"I have a lot of enjoyable memories," she said. "I have a lot of fond memories of him. Many things about him that I miss. However, yeah, it is tricky."

"It is a tough decision to come to when you decide to end a marriage. It was heartbreaking."

Romijn later revealed that she saw Stamos for the first time since their split "just a few weeks ago" while parked at a strip mall with her children.

She said he walked by their car with his cap pulled down and sunglasses on.

After pointing out her former beau to her kids, the former model recalled them saying, "Whoa!" before asking, "How can you even tell that is him? How do you know?"

"I said, 'Girls, I was with him for ten years. I would recognize that gait from a block away,'" she remembered telling them.

"I recognize the way his body moves. I know that walk. I am familiar with his body," she said with a smile and a laugh.

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