Popular But Forgotten Soap Opera Actors


20. Y&R: Vincent Irizarry

19. B&B: Jim Storm As Bill Spencer, Sr.

18. Days: Jensen Ackles

17. GH: Paul Satterfield Jr.

16. Y&R: Greg Vaughan

15. B&B: Ian Buchanan As Dr. James Warwick

14. Days: Michael T. Weiss

13. GH: Jason Cook

12. Y&R: J. Eddie Peck

11. B&B: Texas Battle As Marcus Forrester

10. Days: Jason Brooks

9. GH: Ted King

8. Y&R: Anthony Pena

7. B&B: Daniel McVicar As Clarke Garrison

6. Days: Billy Warlock

5. GH: John Reilly

4. Y&R: Scott Reeves

3. B&B: Pierson Fodé As Thomas Forrester

2. Days: Wayne Northrop

1. GH: Michael Sutton

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