Patrick Gibbons Returns to GENERAL HOSPITAL


They grow up so fast! Viewers might not even recognize Patrick Gibbons when he reprises his role of Wyatt on GENERAL HOSPITAL.

The young actor, who played little Sam Manning on ONE LIFE TO LIVE from 2010-12 and again on the short-lived online revival in 2013, is now a full-fledged teenager!

THOUSIF Inc. is reporting in their newest issue that Gibbons is slated to make another appearance during the week of June 13.

"I was jumping for joy," Gibbons told the magazine. "I could not believe that I was going back again!"

"Moreover, I love that they have updated the role a little bit, to where he is a little more grown."

"Last year was kind of my last year of Wyatt being like, a Boy Scout."

"This year, he is a camp counselor that the kids look up to, which I thought was cool."

Gibbons first appeared as Wyatt Hoover in 2018 when the Raging Raccoon scout found Peter tied up in a cabin behind held prisoner by Obrecht.

He returned in September 2019 when Wyatt was in the hospital, having his tonsils out.

Then, in 2021, the scout ran into Finn and Liz camping with the kids in the woods and helped rescue Scott after he had been thrown from an airplane!

Wyatt's scenes have usually found Gibbons interacting with his former OLTL castmates Michael Easton (Finn) and Roger Howarth (Austin).

It is fun for him to reunite with his old friends and a treat for fans who remember seeing them all together in Llanview on the much-missed soap.

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