9 Things Every Married Woman MUST Know


1. Men do not like your male best friend. Avoid such over caring best friend ultimately.

2. Talking about Ex's is like putting fuel on a burning tree.

3. Try to be the beautiful version of yours day by day. Men do like beautiful women.

4. Never get involved in any financial things with your husband until he asks. 

5. Tell your needs well in advance because men tend to have other responsibilities in the family.

6. Stop complaining about your Mother in Law to your husband, and try to deal with a smile. Men share a powerful bond with mothers, and no men can tolerate it.

7. Do not make the first move on the bed, but make it extreme when he initiates.

8. Waking up early and being ready before the husband wakes up is said that 80% of people have experienced positivity in daily life.

9. When the husband returns home, women must be charming angels, not complaint boxes.

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