Mark Zuckerberg Announces Meta's New Company Values


Meta's new company values are revealed in a letter sent from CEO Mark Zuckerberg to all company employees.

Facebook transitions to Meta. CEO Mark Zuckerberg announces new company values emphasizing Meta's vision for the future.

Zuckerberg shared the changes to Meta's values and explained what they mean in a letter sent today to all company employees.

1. Move Fast

2. Focus on Long-Term Impact

3. Build Awesome Things

4. Live in the Future

5. Be Direct and Respect Your Colleagues

6. Meta, Metamates, Me

Zuckerberg signs off on his letter with the following statement:

"At the end of the day, values are not what you write on a website but what we hold each other accountable for every day."

"I encourage you to reflect on these values and what they mean to you as we start working on this next chapter for our company."

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