Janet Jackson denies having a secret baby with James DeBarge


In her new documentary, Janet Jackson denies long-standing rumors that;

She secretly had a baby with her ex-husband James DeBarge in the 1980s.

"I could never keep a child away from Jame. How could I keep a child from their father?"

"I could never do that. That is not right." So Janet Jackson, 55, says in the upcoming two-night Lifetime and A&E special.

"Control" singer remembers the chatter first spreading in 1984 on the Season 4 set of NBC's "Fame," where she played Cleo Hewitt.

"A lot of the kids thought I was pregnant 'cause I had gained weight and I had started taking birth control pills," she says.

"And back then, you could pick up weight taking them, and that is what happened to me, so that rumor started going around."

Debbie Allen, who led the TV series as Lydia Grant, remembers being taken aback by their co-stars' speculation, too.

"These were rumors that were just flying around, honey, like hash in a diner," Allen, 72, says.

"Where was the baby? Nobody saw a baby. I mean, she was there with us all day, every day. So where was the baby?"

However, the gossip got out of hand when people dragged Jackson's family into it.

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