Is Aloe Vera Gel Good For Hair Growth?


Aloe vera is nature’s way of telling us, “when in doubt, turn to me.”

With so many medicinal and health properties trapped in its succulent leaves, this plant that grows in abundance with little maintenance cannot be replaced in natural therapy.

Aloe vera’s significance in treatment was recognized as far back as 1750 BCE in Mesopotamia, which is clearly recorded in the clay tablets discovered later.

Its use in treating skin diseases is recorded in the Egyptian books written in 550 BCE.

In 74 CE, the Greek physician Dioscorides wrote a book titled De Materia Medica.

He said in the book that aloe vera could treat wounds, heal skin infections, cure chapping, decrease hair loss and eliminate hair hemorrhoids.

Also used as an insect repellant and a laxative, aloe vera is truly a wonder plant.

So, Is aloe vera good for hair? Yes, it is. Moreover, here is why.

1. Promotes Hair Growth

2. Helps Produce Keratin

3. Healthy Scalp And No Dandruff

4. Effective Cleanser