How Old Jill On Young And The Restless


Jill Abbott is back in Genoa City this week, with her return prompting fans to wonder how old the Young And The Restless character is now.

The classic character has been part of the show since the beginning but, in recent years, has not appeared as regularly.

This week Jill Abbott was back in Genoa City as she attended the launch party of the newly merged company Chancellor-Winters.

Following her return, we look at the character's time on the show and the stars who have stepped into Jill's shoes over the years.

Jill Abbott is a stalwart of The Young And The Restless, with many fans growing up watching her as part of the classic soap.

The character's Y&R wiki page states Jill was born in 1957, which would mean, as of 2022, the character will turn 65 this year.

When the character first featured on the show in 1973, Jill was said to be in her late teens, as per Soap Central.

Jill is portrayed by actress Jess Walton, who is 73 years old.

Therefore the actress was born eight years before her on-screen character.

Young And The Restless first aired in 1973 with Jill Abbott, one of the show's original characters.

During the show's early run, Jill was portrayed by Brenda Dickson. The actress played the role of Jill for seven years until 1980.

Then Deborah Adair took on the role and continued it on-screen for three years before Dickson returned to take over the character in 1983.

The actress played Jill for four years before moving on in 1987.

Jill Abbott is currently portrayed by Jess Walton, who joined the cast of The Young And The Restless in 1987.

Now, 35 years on, she has starred in more than 1,700 episodes of the classic soap and has won awards for her character portrayal.

She is a two-time Daytime Emmy award winner, having taken the accolade in 1991 and 1997.

In 2017, reflecting on three decades as Jill Abbott on The Young And The Restless, the actress told THOUSIF Inc. that she could not believe it had been 30 years since she joined the soap.

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