Genie Francis Back To General Hospital


Laura Spencer, also known as Genie Francis, has not been seen in Port Charles, but she is returning to GENERAL HOSPITAL.

Genie Francis was last seen on July 15 when she decided to leave town and fly to Italy.

To help her mother, Lesley, after learning her home had burned down.

Genie Francis will soon fly back to Los Angeles and the General Hospital studio to bring Laura home to Port Charles.

Moreover, just in time, too, because there is much drama she is missed during her absence!

With The Hook running around town trying to kill people, she will want to bring the criminal to justice.

Writer Chris Etten said: “Laura has been away from Port Charles for a while, but that does not mean she is out of the loop.”

“She is a hero and will be called upon to do her best when the time arrives.”

Genie Francis returned to General Hospital in 1993 but exited again in 2002.

Genie Francis returned as part of Anthony Geary’s final storyline as Luke and signed another contract to remain on the soap.

While we are happy that Genie Francis enjoyed her time off during the summer.

We are just as happy to anticipate Laura’s return to Port Charles and all the drama and excitement it will bring. Welcome back!