General Hospital’s Laura Wright Teases A Big Shift


“She has many decisions that she has to make coming up.”

What is that in the wind? Is it, Is it pollen? Well, probably.

But along with it is change; according to Laura Wright,

During a recent interview with ABC11 out of North Carolina, who spilled the tea about what was headed down the pike on General Hospital.

Soon, Carly’s life will be “taking a big shift,” the Emmy winner admitted.

“She has many decisions that she has to make coming up.”

One, viewers might naturally assume, could involve whether Sonny’s former moll elects to keep Drew in the friend zone.

Another, for sure, revolves around the fact that she knows that nemesis Nina is Willow’s biological mother.

Moreover, Wright noted, “right now, she is the only one who knows, and that is a lot.”

Willow has made it clear that she wants nothing to do with Nina.

Moreover, heaven knows Carly herself would just as soon never hear her name again.

So what does she do? “Carly thinks, ‘Wow, If I say nothing, then we just kinda move forward,’” Wright pointed out.

“‘If I say something, it explodes, for everyone,’ not just Carly having to share her grandchildren.”

In other words, the decision is, as the daytime vet put it, “not so black-and-white at the moment.”

Besides, she hastened to add, General Hospital is a soap opera. “If she told right away, that is freaking ridiculous.”

Fans would be like, “What?” Moreover, Wright knows that if Carly keeps the secret under her hat for a while, there will be complaints, too.

However, that is OK in its way. “That means they are fired up about the show they love.”

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