General Hospital Says Goodbye To Harmony - Dies


It is time to say goodbye to one of General Hospital‘s almost redeemed villains.

At least before she goes back off the deep-end Harmony.

After holding on for several days after Sasha hit her with her car, she finally succumbed to her injuries.

TJ was forced to call her time of death.

It is not a huge shocker, seeing how Harmony’s path has gotten darker since we learned she killed Neil.

Then off his brother, but we did have some hopes that there may have been a way out for her.

Of course, then she went and attacked and kidnapped Carly and tried to kill both her and Alexis so that hope seemed slimmer every day.

Moreover, now it looks like that way out has just been closed. On Star Wars Day, no less.

Harmony did, however, hold on long enough after being hit by Sasha to fill Carly in on what was going on and make her promise to protect Willow from her mother, Nina!

Yeah, this was about when we had a feeling Harmony would not be long for Port Charles.

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