18 Surprising Facts About The Kansas City Chiefs


1. The Chiefs have a value of $2.3 billion, which makes them the 24th most valuable team.

2. The last time they played in the Super Bowl was the 4th edition of the big game, still called the AFL-NFL World Championship Game.

3. Kansas City played against the Green Bay Packers in the first Super Bowl game, losing 35-10. 

4. The Kansas City Chiefs did not start in Kansas City. Instead, their heritage started in Dallas, known as the Texans.

5. The Kansas City Chiefs were founding members of the AFL.

6. Chiefs are known for their loud fans, so much so that they hold the World Record for the loudest crowd roar at a sports stadium at 142.2 dbA.

7. Pioneers At Linebacker

8. Chiefs have had 13 head coaches in their franchise history, the longest being the first coach, Hank Stram.

9. Despite a history going back to 1960, the Kanas City Chiefs have only played in 31 playoff games and have a losing record with a 12-19 record.

10. They owned the AFC West division over the last five seasons, as since 2015, they have a 27-3 record against divisional opponents.

11. Tight end Travis Kelce is arguably the best tight end in the game today and set himself an NFL record this year when he hit the 1000 yard mark.

12. Patrick Mahomes is a generational talent at the quarterback position

13. Offensive tackles do not get many headlines, but Chiefs tackle Mitchell Schwartz should, as he keeps showing up to working and grinding

14. Kickers do not get much attention either, but the Chiefs Harrison Butker is a big reason they are successful.

15. The all-time leading scorer on the Chiefs is another placekicker.

16. If someone were to get hurt, the Chiefs would not have to turn to their medical staff, and they could turn to the offensive line.

17. Before the Kansas City Chiefs, they adopted K.C.

18. Another notable face at Kansas City games was Tony DiPardo.

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