Chris Van Etten Says Goodbye To GENERAL HOSPITAL


After the news that Chris Van Etten has left GENERAL HOSPITAL broke.

The actor shared a screenshot of the Soaps In Depth story on his Instagram and shared some thoughts on his exit with fans.

"Could not be more grateful for everyone who has been on this journey with me."

"I am taking this downtime to focus on family, but who knows what the future will bring."

Chris Van Etten is a Marine Corps veteran who lost both of his legs during his deployment in Afghanistan.

Following his experience, he began working as a motivational speaker and started modelling, landing a prominent campaign for Jockey underwear.

He then transitioned into acting, being cast on GH and making his daytime debut as Chet Driscoll in November 2017.

He also played Louisville in the 2020 Paramount series 68 WHISKEY.

Although Chet recently received some more screen time on GH with Valentine's Day date with Dr. Terry Randolph, that sparked a new romance.

The soap had to cut that short when Van Etten opted to leave Hollywood to move with his wife and children to live near family in Illinois.

"You will be missed, Chris," declared GH's love interest Cassandra James (Terry) in the comments to his post.

"It was a complete joy to work with you." To which Van Etten responded: "Likewise. I could not have asked for anyone better."

Risa Dorken, who played Nurse Amy Driscoll, also expressed her sadness at his exit.

"Brother!" she exclaimed. "Congrats on everything! I miss you already. What a ride it has been! Love you."

The actor replied: "Thanks, sis! It was a great time, and I hope we see each other again soon."

Van Etten also received a fond farewell from the other Chris Van Etten, who works on the writing team of GH! "From one Chris Van Etten to another, we will miss you," he wrote.

The actor Van Etten responded in kind. "Means a lot," he said. "It was an honour being a part of your story."

While Chet has left Port Charles to take his dream job in Chicago.

There is still a chance that one day Chris Van Etten will be back in California and able to reprise his role for an episode or two.

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