Celebrity Trainer Tracy Anderson Sues Megan Roup


Celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson has toned the bodies of stars like Gwyneth Paltrow.

She has filed a lawsuit against her former employee, Megan Roup, who runs the famous Sculpt Society.

In the complaint filed in the US District Court Central District California on Monday, Anderson accuses Roup, who worked for her from 2011-2017, of copyright infringement.

The suit claims Megan Roup, whose fans include Sofia Richie, Martha Hunt and model Shanina Shaik, had:

“access to all material necessary to replicate the TA Method and related business, and she wasted no time in doing so.”

According to the filing, Megan Roup started her successful fitness business one month after leaving Anderson.

The suit also claims that Megan Roup has:

“capitalized on the years of research, money, and sweat equity Anderson and Plaintiffs put into developing the TA Method and the business surrounding it to the detriment” of Anderson.

Anderson claims that a “significant number” of Roup’s videos, available on the Sculpt Society site,

“were created using Confidential Information Roup learned, accessed, or was exposed to while employed” by Anderson.

They also claimed she used “Confidential information” from Anderson’s business to “found and facilitate the continued operation and growth of [Roups] own business.”

The suit claims that Roup signed a “Trainer Agreement” when she first started at the company that prohibits her from ever using any of the “Confidential Information.”

The suit also argues that Roup allegedly does not expressly state she worked for Anderson.

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