Braunwyn Windham Burke New Girlfriend, Victoria Brito


Braunwyn Windham-Burke packed on the PDA with her new girlfriend, Victoria Brito, while strolling down the beaches of Miami.

Windham-Burke said that she and Brito are “having fun” exploring their relationship.

“I only came out a year ago, and I am enjoying being single. I like spending time with her. A bonus is that she gets along with Sean.”

Brito is based in New York City, where Windham-Burke secured a place of her own this year.

She now splits her time between Southern California, where her family lives, and the Big Apple. 

Windham-Burke previously told us that her decision to become a bi-coastal resident improved her dating life.

Brito is a model, dancer and designer with 1.8 million Instagram followers.

The pair enjoyed more seaside PDA.

The lovebirds enjoyed a romantic stroll on the beach while taking a break for Art Basel events.

Windham-Burke playfully pounced on Brito at one point during their daytime outing.

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