18 Questionable Designs That’ll Give You Nightmares


1. Bathroom stall with a view

2. “Found this gem at a rural gas station.”

3. “This portable heater has started to melt its own handle.”

4. “I love Laga Dyga!”

5. “My wife bought me a beard straightener. It has a setting that turns your face into an ice cube 0°F (-18°C).”

6. “This wheelchair ramp at a local pharmacy”

7. “This knob on the floor in front of the toilet in my hotel room that seems designed to break my toes”

8. “They completely blocked the view of the actual ocean with poorly painted glass panels.”

9. “The design on this shirt looks like you just spilled coffee on yourself.”

10. “Spider-Man in a spider car”

11. “Pillars on the side of an apartment building”

12. “Here let me guide you to this puddle.”

13. “Green means GO AWAY.”

14. “Found this gem in my friend’s new rental.”

15. “Neo-Oldism.”

16. “The layout of this parking lot”

17. “Tucson, Arizona left turn traffic light. Red and Green?”

18. “This fence blocking you from following the path.”

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