18 Benefits Of Peanut Butter, According To Science


1. You will feel fuller.

2. You will get an energy boost.

3. You will get a mood boost.

4. You will have healthier muscles and nerves.

5. Fats in peanut butter may improve brain health.

6. You may decrease levels of stress hormones.

7. You may improve your skin health.

8. You may reduce your heart disease risk.

9. You lower your death risk.

10. You could prevent a peanut allergy.

11. You will combat toxins.

12. You will reduce diabetes risk.

13. You will turn off your fat genes.

14. Eat peanut butter to aid in muscle recovery.

15. You will sleep better.

16. You will aid bone health.

17. Your skin will glow.

18. You will be more productive.

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