12 Celebrities Reveal Careers - If They Were Not Famous


1. Ryan Reynolds would have been a Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Canada’s federal police force.

2. Rihanna always wanted to be a pilot.

3. Sofia Vergara planned to be a dentist and attended 2 years of dental school before becoming an actress.

4. Margot Robbie would be a trapeze artist if she was not acting.

5. Angelina Jolie wanted to be a funeral director when her grandfather died, and she was not happy with how the funeral was handled.

6. Kim Kardashian would be a forensic investigator if she was not famous.

7. Matthew McConaughey planned on going to law school after graduating from college.

8. Kerry Washington’s childhood dream was to work at Sea World.

9. George Clooney wanted to be a major league baseball player.

10. Sam Smith would love to work as a florist and own a coffee shop.

11. If Liam Payne was not in One Direction, he would have been an Olympic runner.

12. Rebel Wilson has a law degree if acting did not work out.

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