Pakistani YouTube Channels

Indian Government Blocks 35 Pakistani YouTube Channels

The Indian central government has again taken action against many YouTube channels for spreading fake news and showing anti-India content.

On Friday, January 21, the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting said that the government banned several social media accounts, including 35 YouTube channels.

Banned Pakistani YouTube Channels

The Indian government said that these accounts were being run from Pakistan.

According to the news of India Today, the YouTube channels that have been banned include channels like ‘With Facts,’ ‘Global Truth,’ ‘Bol Media TV.’

A similar action was taken by the ministry in December last year.

20 YouTube channels were blocked for showing ‘anti-India‘ content.

Pakistani YouTube Channels

Apurva Chandra

During a press conference, Apurva Chandra, Secretary, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, said:

“The content posted from these YouTube channels and social media accounts had been viewed around 130 crore times.”

The secretary said that all these accounts were from Pakistan. So they were spreading false news against India by propagating Fake News.

At the same time, Joint Secretary in the ministry Vikram Sahay said that action had been started against these YouTube channels and social media accounts under IT rules.

Under this, 35 YouTube channels, including two Twitter handles, two Instagram handles, two websites, and one Facebook account, have been banned.

Vikram Sahay

Officials revealed that people were being misled by running fake news through these accounts. Vikram Sahay said,

“We got information about this matter from intelligence agencies, and immediate action was taken.”

“The popularity of these channels was very high. They had 12 million subscribers and were viewed more than 130 million times.”

“Blocking such accounts is a challenging task, but the ministry is trying its best to prevent anti-India content.”

The names of the two websites that the ministry has blocked are “” and “”

Regarding this action, Apurva Chandra told India Today that he had written to social media companies in this regard.

According to the secretary, companies had asked for 24 hours, and so far, almost all such accounts have been blocked.

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