Young & Restless’ Mariah, Tessa’s Wedding Album


Kyle hit the scene in exactly the right throwback tuxedo to officiate the 1970s theme wedding.

The mother-of-one-of-the-brides was on fire in a glam throwback sequined gown that gave a nod to the disco-era and was perfectly complimented with a tassled topper in crimson. 

Abby never leaves her crib looking anything less than perfectly put together. 

Noah not only helped come up with the 1970s theme for the wedding, but he used his flare for the creative to complete Mariah and Tessa’s vision at the Top of the Tower.

Allie’s make-up and glitzy dress dazzled — and took us directly back to the roller disco days!

What a gorgeous couple Amanda and Devon made at the wedding!

Fashionista Chloe’s off-the-shoulder dress was off-the-hook with that flouncy faux fur trim! 

Elena brought the glam with gown in silver lamé with an adorable disco ball-inspired clutch.

Moses was lookin’ nifty by her side in his traditional tux.

Phyllis was the bomb in a dazzling lime green gown, which gave a nod to both the disco and glam fashion trends of the era.

Mariah and Tessa kick-started the emotion of their big day when they asked Nick and Sharon both to walk them down the aisle.

Mariah and Tessa’s wedding party consisted of her close friend

Kyle came through even though he was buggin’ out over his mother Diane’s return from the dead.

No one was more stoked to be marrying her best friend and love than Tessa Porter. 

Though Mariah’s white bridal gown appeared understated, it was embellished with flared cuffs and a v-neck ruffle that lent the 1970s touch.

Mariah and Tessa’s wedding was a celebration of their perseverance, friendship, and most importantly, their love. The road wasn’t always easy, but they made it to the alter.

Sharing a sweet kiss to celebrate their union, Mariah and Tessa look to the future together. Will the next step be to adopt a child and become a family?

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