Young & Restless’ Courtney Hope Knows How to Chill 


‘When I Feel Like My Flame Gets Too Intense,’ - Young & Restless’ Courtney Hope

The CBS soap star sheds light on “being able to see the nuances of life more clearly.”

We could all use a breather from our everyday routines, especially when some tend to bring unwanted emotions into the mix.

The Young and the Restless actress Courtney Hope (Sally) is no different and knows a bit about “the nuances of life.”

Hope posted a few serene photos of herself snorkeling and meditating in the Pacific Ocean during a trip to Hawaii and shared,

“That peaceful silence of the water around me where all worry washes away."

"Boundless possibility, being able to see the nuances of life more clearly.”

Swimming in the ocean like this is something that Hope wishes she could do daily, but for now, she stated,

“Until that day comes again, I will close my eyes and drift deep into a trance of connectedness.”

The actress then revealed that since she is gotten older, she is noticed, “When I feel like my flame gets too intense (from stress, anxiety, overthinking)"

"being in the water is sometimes the only thing that fully brings me back down quickly. How quickly my mind clears [in] water.”

She does not have to spend the day in the water, “just enough so that it tempers the flame to something more calming and controlled.”

Hope gave fans a peek into her meditations, many of which are

“standing under a waterfall and having the water flow through every ounce of my being as if I am transparent,” then admitted,

“I never was a big water person until I realized this essential need for me.”

Moreover, we do not need an ocean to carry out this practice.

There is something in our very homes that help to add some positive vibes to the beginning of each day.

“Every morning, the first thing I do is a shower,” she added. “To wash off the energy and bring me to a neutral place to start my day.”

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