Yara Shahidi Graduates From Harvard University


Yara Shahidi of “Black-ish” and “Grown-ish” fame graduated from Harvard University on Friday and posted about the achievement on her Instagram.

“Yara (noun): a Harvard graduate #ITSOFFICIAL #CLASSOF2022,” wrote the 22-year-old actress in the caption accompanying two photos of herself clad in graduation regalia.

Beneath the traditional cap-and-gown ensemble, Shahidi donned a two-piece Dior suit in Harvard’s signature crimson red hue, reported Vogue.

Shahidi began as a freshman at Harvard in 2017 in the same class as Malia Obama.

Though the former president’s eldest daughter graduated in 2021.

While Shahidi took a gap year that pushed her into the class of 2022.

As an undergrad at the revered institution.

The actress balanced dual academic tracks across both the Social Studies and African American Studies departments, according to Vogue.

Her concentration, “Black political thought under a neocolonial landscape.”

Culminated this spring as she completed her final semester, capping her achievements with a 136-page senior thesis.

Her Instagram post has garnered at least that many congratulatory comments from blue checkmark-sporting accounts.

Representing countless high-profile names across the fields of entertainment, media, music and more.

Among Shahidi’s upcoming post-grad plans is to finish shooting the show’s fifth season, which is slated to kick off in July.

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