WOW, General Hospital Broadcast Its 15,000th Episode


Television's longest-running scripted drama currently in production has marked another milestone: its 15,000th episode.

The cast, crew, and creative team of General Hospital gathered at the soap's Prospect Studios lot in Los Angeles to celebrate the show's 15,000th episode with a cake-cutting ceremony.

General Hospital debuted on April 1, 1963.

For comparison's sake, the network's other celebrated hospital-based drama, Grey's Anatomy, will air its 400th episode on May 26 as part of a two-part 18th season finale.

However, here is an even more stunning statistic.

The Simpsons the longest-running American animated series, a longest-running American sitcom, and American scripted primetime television series.

Both seasons and number of episodes have aired 726 episodes since it debuted in December 1989.

At its current season average of 22 episodes, The Simpsons would need to air for another 648 years to reach its 15,000th episode.

Guiding Light remains television's longest-running soap opera.

It ran for 72 years, including 15 years exclusively on radio and 57 television.

In total, 18,262 episodes of Guiding Light aired. Based on its current production model, General Hospital would equal that total in 2035.

Frank Valentini is the executive producer of GH. Chris Van Etten and Dan O'Connor are the show's co-head writers. Frank and Doris Hursley created General Hospital.

General Hospital holds the record for the most Daytime Emmy wins in the Outstanding Drama Series category with 14.

The show is again nominated for the top prize in this year's Emmy race.

The 15,000th episode of General Hospital will air Friday, June 17.

In the special episode, the town of Port Charles comes together when an unknown political force aims at Mayor Laura Collins.

Valentini promises the episode will be "happy; it will be sad, it'll be dark, it'll be scary, it'll be fun, it'll be thrilling, it'll be exciting."

"But most importantly it has nearly every single cast member in it."

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