William Lipton - Trina Recast On GENERAL HOSPITAL


William Lipton Opens up About the Trina Recast on GENERAL HOSPITAL

Recasts are a fact of life in soaps, and viewers have to adjust to seeing a new actor in a familiar role.

It is also an adjustment for the other actors on the soap.

When William Lipton had to transition into doing scenes on GENERAL HOSPITAL immediately.

With Tabyana Ali as Trina after Sydney, Mikayla left to focus on her education.

"It was unfortunate to see Sydney go," Lipton confessed to THOUSIF Inc.

"She and I had become excellent friends that we worked together over the years."

"However, her reasons for leaving were very valid, and my goodness, Tabyana stepped in, and it was an automatic clicking with the teen scene."

"It has been an honour to have her here, and she is doing so great with all the craziness thrown on her."

"This story is not easy to just waltz into, and she has been phenomenal."

"It has been amazing to work with her, and her talent is clear to see for everyone."

"Especially with soaps, the pace can be very daunting, but she has been handling it like a champ. She is amazing!"

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