Why They Killed Abigail on DAYS OF OUR LIVES


Viewers were shocked when Abigail was brutally murdered on DAYS OF OUR LIVES.

The soap's head writer admitted he was heartbroken to write the scenes and insisted that the decision to write portrayer Marci Miller off the show this way was not taken lightly.

However, their options were limited, with the actress unavailable to the soap on a full-time contract.

"It made it is challenging to tell the story for Chad, and Abigail," head writer Ron Carlivati told Soap Opera Digest in a recent issue.

"That always becomes a problem when one-half of a couple is not going to be available to you.

What is the solution at that point? Do you break them up, which is also a bummer, especially when the couple is happy, and you make up a reason for them to leave town?

 It often leaves the other character in flux or stagnant, like they cannot move on or ever have another love story or a relationship.

"Your options become very limited," he continued. "And one option, of course, is for the character to die, ultimately free up the other person."

"However, it is a hard, hard decision."

"That was a hard decision among the writers, with the network, with Corday Productions, with everyone, and we ultimately decided to do it."

Another option would have been to recast the role of Abigail, perhaps with Kate Mansi, who has played the character in the past.

"Kate has been willing to come back but may not necessarily want to come back on contract," Carlivati mused.

"Then the option would be to recast yet again with someone who maybe is willing to be here on a more permanent basis, but then you are dealing with a new face."

"We have been fortunate in recasting Abigail, but you do not always know if that will work. So ultimately, we decided to kill the character."

Of course, as DAYS fans are well aware, death is often just a state of mind in Salem, with multiple characters returning to life over the years.

"There is always that possibility that death is not permanent, especially on a soap opera and especially in Salem," he admitted.

"That said, this is not going to be an instance of the car going off the cliff, and you do not see the person again."

"This will feel permanent, and we wrote it as permanent."

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