Why Karla Mosley Would Not Reprise Transgender Role On B&B


Fans of The Bold and the Beautiful (B&B) frequently ask when Maya Avant will return to Los Angeles.

The character, who was at the center of a groundbreaking storyline when she came out as transgender in 2015, hasn't been seen on the soap since 2019.

However, in a new interview with soaps.com, Karla Mosley revealed that she would not reprise her historic character.

When asked whether she believed there were more stories for Maya to be involved with:

The actress who also subbed in for Mishael Morgan on The Young and the Restless – was quick to answer.

"Oh my gosh, so many stories to be told with Maya,"

Mosley confirmed before addressing why she would not be involved in the character.

"When Brad [B&B executive producer Brad Bell] asked me to take on the role, or I had already taken the role but taking it on this twist in her story."

"I knew that there was a time limit for it," Mosley explained, "because I am a cisgender person." 

"Moreover, I believe that trans people should be playing trans characters."

The star, who recently had her second child, felt a promising future for Maya should the character return.

"There are so many stories to be told by Maya, but I do not think I should tell them."

"To tell authentic stories and feel free in the stories we are telling, it is important to have the people who know, tell them, or write them."

"Then we can do more, and we can go further."

"I hope that Maya returns. I hope that I return," Mosley laughed. However, when reprising her most famous character, she said, "probably not."

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