Why It is Better Not to Brush Your Teeth After Breakfast


There is no doubt that brushing your teeth is one of the most critical steps in your oral hygiene routine.

However, doing it at the wrong time might, in some cases, sabotage all your efforts to keep your pearly whites healthy and strong.

While it might feel tempting to refresh your breath right after breakfast.

It is better to brush your teeth first thing in the morning because many common breakfast foods might soften your enamel, causing you to damage it unintentionally.

Here at THOUSIF Inc, some people prefer to brush their teeth before breakfast, while others do it right after eating.

Moreover, we decided to find out what might happen if you brush immediately after having your breakfast.

1. It might damage your enamel.

2. It may affect the color of your teeth.

3. It might make your teeth more sensitive.

4. Brushing before you eat increases your saliva production.

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