Who Plays Jennifer On DAYS OF OUR LIVES


After everything that Jennifer Horton has gone through on DAYS OF OUR LIVES.

Understandably, every new crisis would make fans wonder if this was the last straw.

However, looking back at the epic drama she endured on DAYS, you will see that this woman is a fighter.

The character first appeared in February of 1976 and was played by child actress Maren Stephenson.

Then it was recast with Jennifer Peterson from December 1977 until July 1979, at which point the character was written off the show.

Jennifer returned in October of 1985 and was played by Melissa Reeves.

There was a temporary recast from 1995-to 1998 when Stephanie Cameron took over for a little while,

Moreover, in October 2020, Cady McClain stepped into the role.

After McClain exited in February 2021, Reeves returned to reclaim the role in December for another brief stint.

However, when the character returned in June 2022, McClain played the part.

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