22 Best Tribal Tattoos Designs


1. Chaney Jones and Kanye West have been linked since February 2022.

2. She is 24 years old model.  

3. Chaney Jones is educated.

4. Chaney Jones graduated from the University of Delaware in 2020 with a major in elementary education and a minor in human development and family studies.

5. She was on the Dean's List for three years.

6. Chaney Jones works in counseling.

7. Jones is the COO of First State Behavioral Health, a counseling service with offices in Camden, Delaware, and Atlanta, Georgia.

8. Chaney Jones's father, Avon Jones, is the company's CEO.

9. Chaney Jones is currently working on her master's in counseling at Wilmington University.

10. She feels that counseling and behavioral health treatment are healthy activities for everyone.

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