What Happened to Zende on THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL


Zende on THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL is a Forrester, although some newer fans might not be evident on his background.

So who is Zende Forrester Dominguez?

Let us fill in the blanks! The character first appeared on B&B in 2001 and was played by child actor Daniel Smith for about a year.

He reprised the role for an additional appearance in 2005, but when the character was brought back to the canvas in 2015.

Zende was aged into an adult and played by actor Rome Flynn.

He exited the soap in 2017, but Zende resurfaced again in October 2020, with Delon de Metz stepping into the role.

Kristen Forrester and Tony Dominguez were on their honeymoon in Africa when they lost a roll of film and bonding with the young boy who returned it to them.

They were shocked to learn that Zende had been orphaned when his parents had died of AIDS.

Moreover, later, his brother died of the same disease in the orphanage where they lived.

Kristen and Tony were concerned to learn that when Zende became too old to live in the orphanage, he would likely end up on the streets.

After returning to Los Angeles, Kristen and Tony admitted that they could not stop thinking about Zende.

Diagnosed as HIV+ himself, Tony felt a special connection to Zende.

So they returned to Africa to start adoption proceedings and gave the boy both of their last names.

Zende lived with Tony and Kristen as a part of the extended Forrester family for a time in LA before the family eventually moved to Florida.

He returned to LA in 2005 with his mother for a visit, but they quickly returned home.

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