Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway's $1.58B Loss


Even an Oracle can have an off quarter. Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway reported a $1.58 billion loss in the first quarter of 2022.

A significant reversal from the nearly $5 billion gain it saw in 2021. "We have not the faintest idea what the stock market will do when it opens on Monday."

We never have," the legendary 91-year-old "Oracle of Omaha" admitted Saturday to investors who flocked to Nebraska for the company's annual meeting."

"The first in-person gathering since the start of the pandemic."

"If I had any sense of timing," he said, he would have bought stocks when the COVID-19 pandemic went global in March 2020

"I missed that opportunity," he said. "We have not ever timed anything. As a result, we have never figured out insights into the economy."

Berkshire, a legendary US company that owns various brands,

Including insurance provider Geico and See's Candies, which reported $5.4 billion in profits, off 53% of the $12 billion it netted last year.

Berkshire also unveiled new multi-billion dollar investments in HP and Occidental Petroleum.

In March, the company purchased insurance giant Alleghany for $11.6 billion.

The company meeting, often billed as "Woodstock for capitalists" has long been an iconic day-long affair, where Buffet fields questions in a 17,000-seat arena.

Buffett aimed at investment banks and brokerage firms, saying they had turned Wall Street into a "gambling parlor."

"Wall Street makes money, one way or another, catching the crumbs that fall off the table of capitalism," Buffett said.

"They do not make money unless people do things, and they get a piece of them. They make a lot more money when people are gambling than when they invest."

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