Warren Buffett 13 Principles Of Investing 


1. "Although our form is corporate, our attitude is a partnership."

2. "We eat our cooking."

3. "We measure by per-share progress."

4. Direct investment is best

5. "Consolidated reported earnings may reveal relatively little about our true economic performance."

6. "Accounting consequences do not influence our operating or capital-allocation decisions."

7. "We use debt sparingly."

8. "A managerial 'wish list' will not be filled at shareholder expense."

9. "Noble intentions should be checked periodically against results."

10. "We will issue common stock only when we receive as much in business value as we give."

11. "We have no interest at all in selling any good businesses that Berkshire owns."

12. "We will be candid with you."

13. "We normally will not talk about our investment ideas."

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