Violeta - Isabel Allende - An Epic South American Tale


Chilean writer Isabel Allende's latest novel is "Violeta."

An epic tale that transports readers across a century of South American history.

From the aftermath of World War I to the present day.

Narrator Violeta del Valle recounts her life story in an unnamed South American country.

Violeta tells of living through the Spanish flu pandemic as the youngest child and only daughter in a family of five sons.

"Violeta" also details the horrors of the 1970s dictatorships in South America.

Violeta's son is a journalist who seeks exile, first in Argentina and then in Norway. After learning, he is on the dictatorship's blocklist.

Violeta suspect is her son's father's involvement in the repression through his work as a pilot.

Much of the book involves Violeta's long, passionate, but troubled relationship with her son's father following a short, unsatisfying marriage.

Ultimately, she obtains contentment with a retired diplomat and naturalist late in life.

Allende left Chile for exile two years after Salvador Allende, her father's first cousin, was overthrown in a 1973 coup.

Isabel Allende lived for years in Venezuela before settling in the United States.

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