TikTok Star Veronica Merritt Pregnant, Have 11 kids, Want 5 More


Controversial TikTok star Veronica Merritt, famous for having 11 kids and another bun in the oven.

She could barely contain her delight last November when she posted a video announcing her new identity: Grandma.

“We have some exciting news to share,” the 36-year-old told her 140,000 followers.

Revealing that her oldest child, Victoria, who still lives at home, is set to deliver a baby in June.

That means Merritt’s 12th child, a boy due in April, will be two months older than his nephew or niece.

Not everybody is happy about imminent births.

Merritt, whose offspring range from 2 to 21 years of age, told The Post that Internet critics are having a field day.

One mudslinger commented, “U are too old to be popping out any more crotch goblins.”

Another wrote: “This family is dystopian nightmare fuel, and the cycle goes on.”

The Syracuse resident, who shares funny videos and gives frank answers to fans’ questions about her hectic lifestyle

Using the handle @ThisMadMama insists she could not care less.

“I do not listen to the haters,” she said. “Do they think I am going to be hurt by their opinions? I mean, come on!”

She rarely misses an opportunity to clap back at detractors on social media.

She said she gets a kick from blasting trolls who attack her choices.

Such as accepting welfare checks, not working, and homeschooling her younger children.

Veronica Merritt started having kids at age 14.

There’s Victoria, now 21; Andrew, 17; Adam, 15; Mara, 14; Dash, 12; Darla, 11; Marvelous, 8; Martalya, 6; Amelia, 5; Delilah, 3; and Donovan, 2.

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