10 Things To Know About Penélope Cruz 


1. Penélope Cruz made her acting debut at 16 on a TV show and her first film the following year in Jamón, jamón (1992), which was given high praise and critical acclaim.

2. After completing the movie "All the Pretty Horses", she turned vegetarian.

3. She had allegedly donated her entire salary from the movie The Hi-Lo Country to Mother Teresa's children's sanctuary in Kolkata.

4. started a non-government organization called Sabera Foundation for homeless people suffering from tuberculosis.

5. She was given the name Penélope after the same name by Joan Manuel Serrat.

6. Penélope is fluent in Spanish, Italian, French, and English.

7. Penélope Cruz is the second Spanish actor to win an Oscar for acting. The first was Javier Bardem, who is also her husband.

8. She is also the first Spanish actress ever to win an Academy Award and the first Spanish actress to star at the Hollywood Walk of fame.

9. Penélope has acted in various genres, including comedies, thrillers, and action-adventure films.

10. She was nominated for the Academy Award and the Golden Globe Award for her roles in "Nine" and "Volver".

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